Dynamic Screw A1 UNF1-72 L7.6mm 35N·cm Item no. 41.317.076.31-2
Matrix® Analog-5-P37 Item no. M-ANALOG-5-P37
Matrix® Analog-5-P45 Item no. M-ANALOG-5-P45
Matrix® Analog-1-P37 Item no. M-ANALOG-P37
Matrix® Analog-1-P45 Item no. M-ANALOG-P45
matrix® Clinical Screw 2.25mm Item no. M-SCRW-2.25
matrix® Lab Screw 2.25mm (pack of 5) Item no. M-SCRW-2.25-LAB-5
matrix® Clinical Screw 2.8mm Item no. M-SCRW-2.8
matrix® Clinical Screw Long 2.8mm Item no. M-SCRW-2.8-L
matrix® Lab Screw 2.8mm (pack of 5) Item no. M-SCRW-2.8-LAB-5
matrix® Lab Screw Long 2.8mm (pack of 5) Item no. M-SCRW-2.8-L-LAB-5
matrix® Clinical Screw 3.25mm Item no. M-SCRW-3.25
matrix® Lab Screw 3.25mm (pack of 5) Item no. M-SCRW-3.25-LAB-5
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