TRI® Dental Implants is an innovative provider of dental implant solutions from Switzerland. TRI® is proud to provide a lean and intelligent implant concept that integrates the latest gold standards oft he industry. All produced 100% in Switzerland and yet at an affordable price point to share the benefits of this technology to all patients worldwide.

1. Through Research Innovative: Integrating practical experience and scientific rigor

Its name "TRI" is the abbreviation of "Through Research Innovative" that was created by a group leading practitioners and researchers that had one common objective: To respect the latest clinical insights and know-how in implantology research in order to further develop a performance-orientated concept of implants that are practical in everyday use, but also evidenced by the latest research.

2. Simplicity & Compatibility: less components with a maximum of Ease-of-Use

In the urge to make the practitioners life easier, TRI® developed an implant system that not only has just one implant-abutment connection diameter, but also has been enhanced in handling of instruments in components.

3. Swiss-design and Swiss manufacturing precision

Developed and designed in the heart of Switzerland, all implants are produced in specialized manufacturing units for dental implants in Switzerland with more than 25 years of medical technology production know-how.