Clinical case studies

On this page you can see our products in use in clinical case studies.Click on one of the case images to start the view of each case study. To get continuous updates on new cases follow us on TRI Peers on Twitter or on Video Cases on YouTube

Dr. Neefs - Oral rehabilitation following the Tempocopy protocol®

Dr. Marius Steigmann - Tissue Level Implant (TRI®-Octa)

Dr. Mustafa Khaled Dawod - Minimal Invasive / Immediate placement

Dr. Seyit Yilmaz - TRI® Clinical Case “All-on-TRI®”

Dr. Thabit Peck - TRI® Clinical Case - TRI® Narrow 3.3mm+11. 5mml 

Dr. Andreas van Orten - TRI® 2in1 Clinical Case Step-by-Step

Dr. Achim Sieper – TRI®+ Digital Guided Planning

Dr. Marius Steigmann - Clinical Follow-Up Series After 5 Years

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu & Dr. Vasileios Panagopoulos - Immediate Implant Placement

Dr. Peter Fairbairn - Aesthetic Single Tooth Restauration with Simplified Regeneration Protocol

P: Dr. Jongki Hadi Wiwoho - Immediate Implant Placement & Loading / Sinus-Lift

P: Dr. Marius Steigmann

P: Dr. David Chamorro

P: Dr. L. Bessa - Full Mouth Rehabilitation

P: Dr. T. Kamm – Two Unit Bridge Molar, Screw-Retained

P: Dr. A. Bingisser - Extended Single Crown in the Molar Maxilla

P: Dr. Ziebold, Single Tooth and Two Unit Bridge

P: Dr. Buhtz, 2 Unit Bridge Mandible (Used TRI Products: TRI Octa)

P: Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu: Single Tooth Molar (Used TRI Products: TRI Octa)

P: Dr. Georg Taffet: Unit Bridge Pink vs. Titanium Used TRI Products: TRI Octa

P:Dr. Wolfgang Poloczek, Germany - All-On-TRI rehabilitation mandible

P: Sinus lift with crestal technique and allograft - see the excellent regeneration and no marginal bone loss using Platform switching - by Dr. Sergio Spinato (Italy)

P: Post-extractive immediate implant placement with TRI-Vent Implant - by Dr Sergio Spinato