The intense exchange between dental professionals active in dental implantology is the basis for the furtherdevelopment and spreading of the latest knowledge in implant dentistry. We try facilitate this active exchange on the application and learnings about TRI products through open-exchange platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

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TRI Testimonials

"The gum-colored implant collar of the TRI Octa implant is ideal for the posterior region!
The implant remains still invisible even after several years when it comes to bone recession! "
Dr. Torsten Kamm ( Baden-Baden, Germany)

"TRI Dental Implants combines science and clinical versatility with a very reasonable price. It has an excellent product line that not only makes it easy for hard tissue to integrate but also promotes soft tissue development with simple prosthetic solution. The company is aimed at providing quality products and excellent customer service which are important for practitioners as well as the patients that we care for."
Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, Ph D (Michigan, USA)

"An implant design concept that respects the highest hard and soft tissue parameters, as well as strict requirements for primary and secondary stability. All based on practical experience linked with the latest implant research."
Marius Steigmann, DDS (Neckarsgmünd, Germany)
Steigmann Institut

"The soft tissue concept of the TRI® Dental Implant System supports excellent soft tissue development without pushing the facial gingival mucosa apically!"
Sergio Spinato, DDS (Modena, Italy)

"For many sinus lift procedures, the apical part of the TRI® Vent Implant, and the triple thread from bottom to collar of the implant, guarantee me excellent primary stability and preservation of the crestal bone."
Davide Righi, DDS (Parma, Italia)

"I like very much the TRI system, and in particular I appreciate the usefulness of TRI® Narrow 3.3 mm as it can often manage narrow edentulous spaces or horizontal atrophy situations without a regenerating process."
Fabio Bernardello, DDS (Legnago, Verona)

"The primary stability and self-adjustment of TRI Dental Implants is very reliable. The combination of an active 6 mm Implant with high primary stability performs very convincingly when used in the vertically atrophied bone."
Wolf-Ullrich Mehmke, DDS (Chemnitz, Germany)

"The TRI surgical kit is very convincing through its clear structure and simplicity to use during surgeries. The self-taping cutting design of TRI® Vent Implants offers an excellent primary stability."
Tobias Stock, DDS (Reutlingen, Germany)

„Top primary stability, pure simplicity and top value for money: what else can you ask for!“
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schnell (Lahr, Germany)

„The quality reflects at all points the standard of Swiss origin.“
Dr. Manuel Burger (Hausach, Germany)

"TRI is a simple to understand and simple to use implant system which works very well. My patients and I are very happy with the system also the aftersales and support from the  company  is brilliant."
Yasir Noorani,  Implant surgeon, UK