TRI Dental Implants - Bringing Smiles to the World!

What exactly are dental implants?
TRI dental implants are artificial roots of the tooth made of titanium. This material is well tested in dental medicine and is very biocompatible and tissue friendly. For patients with high demand towards esthetics, TRI dental implants are the better alternative compared to common coronas, bridges, and prosthetics. Because implant-based prosthetics look and feel almost like natural teeth, they offer significantly more convenience and security than traditional treatments.

TRI implants are part of a user-friendly system, and due to different lengths and diameters, your dentist will always find the optimal solution for your indication. Eat, drink, talk, and laugh freely: The dental implants from TRI improve patients' life quality day after day and guarantee a natural smile for life. On that promise we grant a warranty!                               

When is an implant a feasible option?
Whenever a tooth is missing, closing the gap with an implant-base corona can be the better solution compared to a bridge. When using an implant, no neighbouring, healthy teeth are grinded to serve as an abutment. Moreover, implant-borne coronas usually are the better solution in esthetic terms.

What are the advantages?
After the loss of a tooth, one naturally wishes for the best substitute. Because of implants there now is an optimal solution for almost every individual case. TRI Dental Implants' products can restore your looks and self-confidence, thus giving you new quality of life.

Reasons for a dental implant:
    Preservation of jaw- and facial bones because forces created by chewing are transferred to the jawbone
    Preservation of neighbouring, healthy teeth: No healthy teeth need to be grinded
    Security: Implant-borne prosthetics offer long-term stability
    Esthetics: Implant-borne prosthetics look and feel almost like natural teeth, and the securely anchored implant gives you back your confidence

Treatment process:
As with every surgical operation, prior to the actual implantation, comprehensive counselling is essential. Your dentist will gain an accurate impression of the situation in your mouth (imprints, OPG, CT image) and your general medical condition. Whether dental implants are the correct solution for you will decide your treating dentist.
Your dentist inserts the implant into your jawbone, while you are under local or general anaesthesia. In the following months the bone will grow into the implant's surface, anchoring it firmly into position (osseointegration). In some cases you can receive a provisional denture on the same day. The usual and recommended time period for osseointegration however lasts three to six months.

Insertion of the implant prosthetic:
According to the individual treatment plan, an additional surgical intervention may be necessary to open the gingiva, uncovering the implants. After this, gingiva formers are inserted into the implants to mold the gums for the final denture. An imprint will be taken afterwards to create the abutments and "teeth" in a dental laboratoy. These abutments will then be fixed painlessly to the implants, and in a second step get the finished corona from the laboratory cemented or screwed onto them.

How to take care of the implants:
With the correct maintenance, your implants will give you a bright smile for the rest of your life! How to correctly clean and maintain your implants can be learned from the TRI Implant-Maintenance brochure.
Every patient is different, and the outcome of an implant treatment may also vary. Only a qualified dentist can determine the treatment plan best suited for you. In cooperation with TRI Dental Implants, your doctor may offer the most up-to-date implants and prosthetic treatments. To investigate whether implants are the right solution for you, you should ask your dentist for a comprehensive consultation.