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Vent Implant Machined, Ø 4.1mm, L16mm w. TVSCS

Item no. TV41M16
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TRI®-Vent implant
  • Implant Diameter: 4.1mm
  • Prosthetic Platform:  Ø 3.5mm with 2.5mm Internal Hexagon
  • Implant Length: 16mm
  • Integrated Tripple-Lead-Thread
  • SBA Implant-Surface, Rough Blasted, Medium Roughness:
  • 0.5mm Machined Shoulder
  • Material: Titanium Grade 5
Incl. Surgical Cover-Screw: TVSCS
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Bundle: TV41M16 & TV10-35ITC Item no. P-TV41M16-TV10-35ITC
Bundle: TV41M16 & TV10-50ITC Item no. P-TV41M16-TV10-50ITC
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